League of Legends Worlds 2023 finals to take place in London!

It is now official: the League of Legends world championship will make a comeback in Europe next year, more specifically in London, UK. The previous edition took place in Busan and Seoul, Korea and kept all its promises.

Reminder: the Riot Games’ main title’s international scene had been dominated by Chinese teams for a while, after they’ve managed to overturn Korea’s supremacy. The Mid-Season Invitational 2023 was relevant to the trend: two Chinese squads faced each other in the finals.

Despite this change in the power balance, still showing after the group stage of the Worlds 2023, three-times world-champion T1 overperformed at home. Eliminating in a row the four best Chinese teams to win the trophy, legendary Faker and his teammates gave the international community a fantastic show.

The opening ceremony featuring two concerts in augmented reality will be hard to compete against, as Riot Games is facing the tough task to offer yet another show worthy of the previous one. Especially since the Worlds 2023 have beaten all audience records during their last game, with 6.4 million viewers screening the finals simultaneously. The Worlds 2024 in London will have much to do to provide their fans with the same level of hype.

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