Red Bull League of Its Own 2023 honours T1, G2 Esports and Karmine Corp!

Despite the closing of the regular season 2023 - on November 19th, last day of the Worlds - fans of League of Legends got a little extra, thanks to a special event. Indeed, on Saturday, December 9, at Berlin’s Velodrom, was taking place the “Red Bull League of Its Own 2023.” This event offered exhibition games between some of the year’s most impactful clubs, such as recent world champions T1, European champions G2 Esports and France’s champions Karmine Corp.

No less than seven clubs have offered throughout one day, a fantastic show to the community of Riot Games’ MOBA, notably by creating fixtures between squads that hadn’t encountered during season 2023.

During those exhibition games, competitors made the show with original synergies and strategies, in order to impress the audience. The quadra kill performed by Caliste’s Vayne during the game opposing Karmine Corp to No Need Orga is a perfect example of it.

Of course, the head of the line up was no other than Korea’s T1, whose fourth world champion title had a huge impact on esports’ international ecosystem. The team won four out of the five games they played, only losing to G2 Esports.

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